Symfony 2 and Memcached: A new Bundle


So, I started work on a personal project of mine that I wanted to be able to use Memcached. The project is using the Symfony2 PHP framework, so I decided to look around a little bit to see if I could find a bundle that does what I needed.

I stumbled upon the LswMemcacheBundle at first, and it looked quite nice, having features like Anti Dog Pile, and Profiling attached to the Web Profiler Toolbar. I started looking at the code however, and it had a lot of bloat that I didnt want, some of the terminologies werent right, and it was missing a feature that I wanted. So I took it and decided to write my own.

The Result

So now, I give you the AequasiMemcachedBundle! This takes a lot of the core logic, and features of the LswMemcacheBundle, but removes the ability to use the Memcache extension, and the compatibility with Memcached versions below 2.0.


  • Cluster Support
  • Doctrine Support
  • Session Support
  • Injectable Service
  • Mysql Key-Map support


To install this bundle, check out the source here, and follow the instructions in the readme.

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