jQuery: Roll to Next Input

I was looking for a way to have an input, that when you change, would roll to the next input. The project I'm working on has a page based system, so each page has its own fieldset. When the last field is completed, I wanted it to automatically roll to the next page. I also wanted functionality for zip code, and phone number fields, that would roll to the next input after 5 digits on zip, or roll to the next piece of the phone number field.

The Solution

Starting off with the binds

$( document ).on( 'keyup click', ':input.rollToNext', rollToNext );

Then, the actual function

function rollToNext(event) {
    switch (event.type) {
        case 'click':
            if (!$(this).is('select')) return false;
        case 'keyup':
            var code = event.keyCode ? event.keyCode : event.which;
            if ($(this).is('select') && code != 13 && code != 9) return false;

    // If the function has made it here, we should run the roll to next logic
    var fieldset = $('fieldset:visible'),
        fields = fieldset.find(':input:visible'),
        empty = fields.filter(function () {
            return !$(this).val().length;

    if (!empty && fieldset.find(':input#form_validate').length == 0) {
        // Show the next page here (Our own custom function)

    // Now for the logic that rolls to the next input on zipcode and phone
    if ($(this).attr('maxlength') !== undefined) {

        //Making sure it was actually a character that was typed
        var inp = String.fromCharCode(event.keyCode);
        if (!(/[a-zA-Z0-9-_ \.]/.test(inp))) return true;

        if ($(this).val().length == $(this).attr('maxlength')) {

            for (var i in fields) {
                var index = fields[i];
                if (typeof previous != 'undefined') return $(index).focus();
                if (index == this) var previous = index;


Voila, your `rollToNext` function is there. All you need to do is pull a `rollToNext` class on your input. If you need any help implementing this, hit me up in the comments.

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