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I am proudly and entirely a self taught programmer. I dropped out of Iowa State University after a year of the computer science program because I couldn't learn in that environment. I've been programming since I was old enough to use a computer, with my first word being "Next", I've been using computers all my life. I started HTML in elementary school, helping my family build a website (back in the Frontpage days).

When I was 11 years old, my cousin and I started to build a Youtube like service for music on LAMP, but unfortunately didn't go anywhere. From there, most of my programming was just for fun; making programs to help out some of the board games I played, like a networked bank program for Monopoly. After dropping out of college I got my first real LAMP job at a TV repair company called ShopJimmy, which really jump-started my career. I learned a lot about php, and object orient php while working at ShopJimmy. While I was there, I met fellow colleague Phil Gapp, and we had the idea of building a Forum based on the Zend Framework.

I took what I learned at ShopJimmy, and I started my own company, Seductive Turtle. I was working with a business partner Phil Gapp, trying to build a framework that would allow average people to build their own website. Unfortunately, money ran out and I had to find a real job. I made my way back out to California, found a job at Underground Elephant in San Diego and started making a place for myself. I've moved from a Junior Web Developer, to a Senior Software Engineer and a Software Architect, leading the charge on the Project Development team at Underground Elephant.

We are up to some pretty cool things over at Underground Elephant. We are on the bleeding edge of cloud based architecture, using a lot of the Amazon AWS Services. We are also using the most up to date Symfony2 code, currently developing a new platform on version 2.3.

Community events are a new thing for me, but I've realized quickly how important they are, and how important it is to give back to the community, so here I am. I've gotten involved with the San Diego PHP meetup group, and im a co-organizer there now. I'm also a mentor with the group. If you are interested in the Mentorship program, click here.

Feel free to give me a shout if you need anything. I like to think that I'm a pretty decent programmer, and I'm also a really good dog sitter.

Specialties: PHP, Symfony2, Linux, MySQL, HTML, Javascript (jQuery), CSS, and System Administration

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