Beautiful Bash Prompt

I have been using linux for several years now, and my bash prompt has been evolving more and more, every time I use it, but I wanted to share with you guys today, what mine looks like, and how yours can look the same.

  1. First off, we need a file of color codes.
git clone && mv 5638294/ ~/ && sudo rm -r 5638294 && chmod +x ~/ && echo "source ~/" >> ~/.bashrc
  1. Now that we have all the colors sources into the bashrc, we can create the PS1.
    Take the following, and place it at the bottom of your ~/.bashrc file, after source ~/
echo 'export PS1="\n\[$Blue\]+-[\[$Color_Off\]\[$Yellow\]\u\[$Color_Off\]\[$Cyan\]@\[$Color_Off\]\[$Yellow\]\h\[$Color_Off\]\[$Blue\]]-[\[$Color_Off\]\[$White\]\w\[$Color_Off\]\[$Blue\]][\[$Color_Off\]\[$Red\]\T\[$Color_Off\]\[$Blue\]]\[$Color_Off\]\n\[$Blue\]+-\[$Red\][\[$Color_Off\]\[$White\]\$\[$Color_Off\]\[$Red\]]~\[$Color_Off\]"' >> ~/.bashrc
  1. Then just reopen your prompt, and you've got the new bash prompt!